Music Videos by The Gaitway Brothers

Some of our music can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp, and found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google

'Twenty Seven Million' - LZ7 & Matt Redman (Jonezy feat. Gaitway Brothers; Official Music Video)

'Caledonia' - Gaitway Brothers feat. Neil Morrison (Official Music Video)

'Hey Brother' - Avicii (Gaitway Brothers; Official Music Video)

'The Candle Song' - Graham Kendrick (Gaitway Brothers; Official Music Video)

The Killers - Human (Gaitway Brothers Cover ft Deveney Sisters)

'When a Knight Won His Spurs' - Gaitway Brothers (Official Music Video)

He Ain't Heavy - Gaitway Brothers (Official Music Video)

'In Dreams' - Gaitway Brothers (Official Music Video)

Gaitway Brothers - Fireflies (Official Music Video)

Gaitway Brothers - "With You" / Còmhla Riut-sa (Official Music Video)

Do You Hear What I Hear - Gaitway Brothers Christmas Special

Gaitway Brothers - There's Lilt in the Song (Official Music Video)

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